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迷失「城鎮」 - 《IELTS攻略》

星島日報 《星島教育》

1. Chain store (n phr) 著名品牌連鎖店
例句: Muji is a Japanese chain store which mainly sells lifestyle products.
( 無印良品是一家主要銷售生活用品的日本連鎖店。)

2. Fashionable boutique (n phr) 時尚時裝店
例句: In a cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong, there are plenty of fashionable boutiques in downtown areas.

3. Get around (v phr) 在某個地方游走
例句: There are various types of transportation in Hong Kong for commuters to get around the city in a convenient manner.
( 香港有各種各樣的交通工具,讓乘客以方便的方式到達不同地方。)

4. High-rise flat (n phr) 高樓單位
例句: Due to the limited land in the local area, most of the residential complexes are high-rise flats.That may also be the reason why the property price here is ridiculously high.
( 由於這城市土地有限,大部分住宅綜合樓都是高層公寓。這可能也是為甚麼這裏的房價那麼昂貴的原因。)

5. Suburb (n) 郊區、城郊、近郊地區
例句: It is believed that people who live in the suburbs lead a more chilled life because being near the nature provides more relaxingenvironment.

6. Local facilities (n phr) 城市的公共設施
例句: There is a sufficient number of local facilities in this neighborhood, for example, a swimming pool, a sportsground as well as a public library.

7. Pavement café (n phr) 在行人路旁開設的咖啡店(外國較流行)
例句: I like to spend some quiet time at the pavement café nearby my workplace when I finish work sometimes.

8. Sprawling city (n phr) 發展快的城市
例句: New York is one big sprawling city, full of people who are proud to call themselves New Yorkers.
( 紐約是一個發展很快的大城市,很多人都自稱紐約客。)

9. Tourist attraction (n phr) 旅遊景點
例句: One of the most famous tourist attractions in Hong Kong is Hong Kong Disneyland, which appeals to both kids and adults.
( 香港迪士尼樂園吸引孩子和成年人到來,是香港最著名的旅遊景點之一。)

10. Traffic congestion (n phr) 交通擠塞
例句: There is always traffic congestion during peak hours in this junction. We better set off earlier.